Hogs Back South Services is more of a layby than a service station. It consists of parking and a transport cafe known as the Hogs Back Cafe. 


Restaurant: Hogs Back Cafe

Other: Toilets, Parking


The site is the southbound partner of the Hogs Back North Services. Hogs Back North Services is larger and has more facilities including an Esso filling station and a Legacy hotel. It was also home to a former Happy Eater/Little Chef restaurant. Hogs Back North can be accessed from the southbound side of the dual carriageway but a detour is required, thus it is easier to go to the Farnham Service Station just a couple of miles away. 

Hogs Back South offers a transport cafe which displays signage half a mile before the site and a large amount of parking for vehicles including HGVs.



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Hogs Back North (2 miles)

Farnham (4 miles)