Swavesey Services is a small service station located on the eastbound side of the A14 near Swavesey, Cambridgeshire. 

The service station is located right next to Extra's larger Cambridge Services, giving stiff competition between the two sites.

Facilities and LocationEdit

Restaurant: Herbie's

Hotel: Travelodge (Book Rooms Here )

Other: Cambridge Clutch Centre, Hand Car Wash

ADDRESS: A14 Eastbound, Swavesey, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB24 4RE


The services first opened in the 1980s and was home to a filling station and a Little Chef restaurant. The Little Chef opened in 1985/86 and was the partner branch of the Lolworth restaurant, the westbound Little Chef of the pair located a couple of miles east of Swavesey. Shortly after the opening of these two facilities, a Travelodge hotel opened on site.

In 2000, Extra built a large service station sporting a filling station, multiple restaurants and a hotel at the junction which is positioned right next to Swavesey Services. The opening of the new services meant that eastbound travellers on the A14 would reach Cambridge Services first rather than Swavesey, therefore Swavesey suffered stiff competition from Cambridge and eventually, the decision was taken to close the filling station on site. The filling station became a hand car wash and the base for the Cambridge Clutch Centre. The Little Chef and Travelodge continued to soldier on.

In 2010, RCapital, then owners of Little Chef decided to close a few Little Chef sites which were deemed to be underperforming and the branch here at Swavesey was one of them. It closed in Summer 2010, leaving only its westbound partner at Lolworth and the Travelodge hotel to soldier on alone. 

A couple of years later after the closure of the Little Chef restaurant, the old building became a fish and chip shop, giving Swavesey a restaurant option back and sprucing up the site a little bit, despite being a lot smaller than Cambridge Services. 

When the Little Chef closed, the sign next to the slip road which once said 'Services' was replaced with a sign saying 'Hotel'.





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